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What Next?

If you’ve just completed the CALL YOURSELF CREATIVE DIY Process — Congratulations!  Now, what’s next?  That’s up to you! Here are some options for you to consider.


Operate and grow your Creative District on your own!

You don’t need to be state certified or part of any official state-sanctioned program to CALL YOURSELF CREATIVE. That’s the core purpose of this CALL YOURSELF CREATIVE site, the DIY process, and our Resources!


If you need more help or guidance, you might consider exploring the following opportunities for further support.

⇢ Explore links to the following: Blueprint 2.0Orton Heart and Soul, Downtown Colorado Inc.

⇢ Alternatively, consider a paid consulting engagement with individuals or organizations listed on the Partners Page or through the District Connection Creator.

Remember . . . there is plenty of helpful information in the Resources section.



Contact Colorado Creative Industries staff to learn more about the official Creative District Certification Program.

The Creative District Certification Program is by invitation only. Applicants must meet one of two prerequisites to be considered for an invitation to apply:

1) Completion of the Call Yourself Creative DIY 3-Step process;  or 2) Participation in the Colorado Office of Economic Development Blueprint 2.0 Creativity Lab Initiative, an application-based program. Please see details at the following URL: 

Christy Costello:


A little more on moving forward, and why becoming a Creative District matters…