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If you’ve just completed the Call Yourself Creative DIY Process — Congratulations!  Now, what’s next?  That’s up to you!  Here are some options for you to consider.


Operate and grow your Creative District on your own!

You don’t need to be state certified or part of any official state-sanctioned program to Call Yourself Creative.

That’s the core purpose of this CALL YOURSELF CREATIVE site, the DIY process, and the A LA CARTE Archive!


If you need more help or guidance, you might consider exploring the following opportunities for further support.

- Explore links to the following: Blueprint 2.0Orton Heart and Soul, Downtown Colorado Inc.

- Alternatively, consider a paid consulting engagements with individuals or organizations listed on the Consultants page under the Resources drop-down navigation link.

- Remember . . . there is plenty of helpful information in the A LA CARTE Archive.



Contact Colorado Creative Industries staff to learn more about the official Creative District Certification Program.

Christy Costello:

The Creative District Certification Program is by invitation only. Applicants must meet one of two prerequisites to be considered for an invitation to apply:

1) Completion of the Call Yourself Creative DIY 3-Step process;  or 2) Participation in the Colorado Office of Economic Development Blueprint 2.0 Creativity Lab Initiative, an application-based program. Please see details at the following URL: