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District Connection Creator

The District Connection Creator is tool available to anyone seeking to connect with a Colorado Creative District. Each district is classified with a set of “tags.” These tags are searchable district characteristics. Choose one or more tags to narrow search results. 

  • Select any “tag” next to one of the listed categories to begin your search

  • Clear search criteria by selecting the “All” tag in each category. 

  • Only one tag per category can be selected.

Example: If you to connect with a 501(c)3 arts district that has a budget range of $25k-$50k and a main source of funding from programming revenue, you would select those tags and the results would present Grand Junction Creative District and Greeley Creative District. Click on the District images below to see contact information.

Categories & Tags

Note: If tags display in boxes that do not sort immediately, please refresh the page.

Entity Type:
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Budget Range:
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Revenue Support From:
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Largest Grant:
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Number of Employees:
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| | | |
Municipality Population:
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